East Cliff Lift - Closed

A short trip up the cliffs

The Bournemouth cliff lifts are box-like passenger cars on rails that whiz up bracken-covered slopes.

April 2016 Landslide

The East Cliff lift was damaged in a landslide on the 24th April 2016. It is currently closed under going repairs.

Bournemouth has two other cliff lifts, unaffected, at West Cliff and Fisherman's Walk


Built in 1908, the system cuts out the short, steep hike up the zigzag paths from the seafront promenade to the road above. The winding gear situated at the upper station controlled by a 'driver' with the assistance of an attendant at the lower station. The passenger cars were originally controlled by a 25hp winding motor, using mains electricity converted to 500v DC. This was subsequently replaced by a three phase 415v supply.



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