Thursday, 18 May 2023 09:14

Special conference ‘bringing the elephant into the room’

Special conference ‘bringing the elephant into the room’

As long as art has been made artists have wrestled with ways of making a living from it. The search for answers continues as Lighthouse and Arts Development Company come together to host Money, Money, Money – How Do We Fund Work and Make a Living? a one-day special conference at Lighthouse Poole on Wednesday 21 June 2023

“How artists make their living and fund projects often requires explanation to those outside of the industry and is an area that has become increasingly challenging for artists in recent years,” says Martha Earley, Creative Engagement Manager at Lighthouse.  “We want to tackle this topic head on by removing the stigma and opening conversations between like-minded people.” 

 In a series of discussion panels funders, artists and freelancers who work in the creative industries will talk about the many financial challenges they face and share insights into how they navigate a path around those obstacles. 

“In most conversations about art, money rears its head,” says David Lockwood, Arts Development Company Chief Executive.  “Sometimes we try to skirt around it or avoid it – I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve said: ‘Imagine money is no object’. But then it’s just the elephant in the room. Like it or not, money makes things happen.  

“Artists are incredibly resourceful, often making a little go an incredibly long way. This is worth celebrating – and we’ll be doing a bit of that in Money Money Money, but we’ll also be asking: how can things be done better? For that question, we’re inviting funders as guest listeners to hear from – and respond to – Dorset’s creatives and producers. In short, we’re bringing the elephant into the room.” 

The day will also feature funding workshops and include an invitation to the launch of Lighthouse Academy, the venue’s new flagship programme for creative engagement encompassing its training and development opportunities for young people and artists, with a short script-in-hand sharing performance from Dorset Scriptwriters. 

Money, Money, Money – How Do We Fund Work and Make a Living? is free and open to all established, emerging, and aspiring creatives. To book a place please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.