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Florence Show Examines 'Lady with the Lamp' Myth

Florence Show Examines 'Lady with the Lamp' Myth

Songwriter and performer Louise Jordan brings her solo production Florence: The Lesser Known Life and Legacy of Florence Nightingale to Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts, on Wednesday 8 October 2021.  

Developed in part at Lighthouse as part of its innovative SANCTUARY artist development residency, through song and storytelling Louise puts the myth of ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ under the spotlight and explores Florence Nightingale’s work as a pioneering statistician who used data to call for government accountability, demanding equal healthcare for all. 

“Florence Nightingale spent less than two years as a nurse during the Crimean War, yet she lived to the age of ninety,” explains Louise. “Whilst researching the production I was astounded at the volume and breadth of Florence’s work – she spent decades campaigning for social reform worldwide.  

“At a time when women weren’t entitled to vote Florence used every tool at her disposal to achieve change that impacted people living in poverty around the globe. I want this show to bring Florence Nightingale to life as a three-dimensional human and to consider how legends, myths and legacies are created.  

“Why are Florence Nightingale’s extraordinary and wide-ranging achievements so often overlooked? Who decides how our shared cultural heritage is passed on?” 

Florence explores themes which sit at the heart of all of Louise’s work – equality, representation and social justice.  

The production was created in 2019 and due to tour in May 2020 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Instead, Louise marked the occasion by releasing an album of the nine songs featured in the performance through her record label Azania Ltd. The album was recorded in her home studio during lockdown.  

The lockdown also saw the creation of Louise’s innovative street theatre project Pop-Up Pedestal, her first piece of outdoor theatre, with Louise performing as the statue of Florence Nightingale. 

Florence: The Lesser Known Life and Legacy of Florence Nightingale tours in the UK in October. 

The Lesser Known Life and Legacy of Florence Nightingale 

Wednesday 8 October 2021  
8pm (Sherling Studio) 

Tickets & information 01202 280000