Friday, 13 November 2020 15:59

A look at the Bournemouth Beach Works

A look at the Bournemouth Beach Works

Work is continuing on Bournemouth Beach to replace the groynes and keep our world famous beach in tip-top condition. 

On a sunny day in November we witnessed plenty going on with some heavy duty machinery at work in the sand.

The Bournemouth Beach Management Scheme is a programme of work, planned from 2015 to 2032 to:

• Replace Bournemouth’s existing 53 groynes

• Construct an additional three new groynes

• Replace the groyne at Hengistbury Head known as ‘Long Groyne’

• Replenish the beach every five years

How much will it cost?
The cost of phase one (2015-2020) is £17.5m approximately. The total cost of the entire project (phases 1 – 3) is £50m approximately. The majority is funded by the Environment Agency and a small proportion by Council funding and local levy.

Did you know
The groynes were originally installed along the coastline in 1915. Groynes control beach material and prevent undermining of the promenade seawall. They interrupt wave action and protect the beach from being washed away by longshore drift. Longshore drift is the wave action that slowly erodes the beach.