New Forest Northern Commons

Colourful mosaic of blooming heather and gorse, braided wetlands and ancient woodland pasture

A wide open, boundary-less landscape containing exposed plateaux, leading gently through a mauve haze of heather and woodland to miniature valleys, swollen with bouncy bogs and gravel streams. A place for ground-nesting birds, rare reptiles, a myriad of insects and diverse plant life.
Cross the cattle grid to a diverse landscape, shaped and sustained by traditional commoning practices since time immemorial, a tamed wilderness.

Deeply ingrained and continued, the use of the New Forest by local people is a way of life, rather than a leisure pursuit.

The commoners’ ponies, donkeys, cattle, pigs and sheep are the architects of the forest, exploiting rights that are centuries old. To this day the Verderers' Court, an ancient thirteenth-century assembly, meet to ensure forest law is upheld.

National Trust Car Parks

Car-parking facilities at Bramshaw, Rockford and Hightown Commons.