CIRCUS: A Photographic Exhibition

Event Date: 1 November - 7 January

A celebration of the changing face of circus, an art form that pre-dates the Ancient Romans, Tim Booth’s stunning photographs capture the physical beauty and raw power of the human form in a series of stark, visually arresting monochrome prints of contemporary circus artists.   

The collection, which has already received a gold award from the Prix de la Photographie in Paris, can now be seen in the exhibition, C I R C U S, at Lighthouse Poole from 1 November until 7 January.  

“The images are sculptural, it’s portraiture, but not in the traditional sense,” explains Tim. “I’m a minimalist photographer in that I remove as much as I can from a photograph, so I found I was very focussed on the physicality of the subject.”  

Tim’s international reputation was forged by his award-winning book, A Show of Hands. A remarkable project, twenty years in the making, it comprised portraits of the hands of artists, artisan, musicians, labourers and makers. It was while casting a net for a new direction that the idea for C I R C U S surfaced.  


  • Venue: Poole Lighthouse
  • 21 Kingland Road
  • Poole
  • Dorset
  • BH15 1UG