Art, Comedy & Shows

Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts, is looking for an innovative graffiti artist to create a piece of art on a key wall within the venue.

Light Up Poole, the digital light art festival, got underway on Thursday 20th February 2020. See 45 photos from the event below.

Residents of Poole flats will be turning their block into an art gallery as part of the Light Up Poole festival of digital light art from 20 to 22 February.

Having taken two very different approaches to tackling the problem of wokeness, Douglas Murray and Andrew Doyle are now teaming up for a live tour. Each show will feature a conversation, along with an extensive audience Q&A, in which they will consider how best to resist the rise of the woke mindset, and the challenges it presents to individual liberty, intellectual diversity and free speech.

Poole Museum has joined forces with other museums from across the region to tell captivating stories of inspirational women from the past.