Monday, 03 April 2023 08:59

Save up to 45% at Centre VR Bournemouth

Save up to 45% at Centre VR Bournemouth

Centre VR in Bournemouth is the largest Virtual Reality centre in the WORLD! Featuring over 40 top of the range headsets, experience gaming like never before and with our special offer - you can get up to 45% off your tickets.

The ticket and game types available are especially curated for families and friends to enjoy together. If you have never tried VR before then you are in for a real treat. Together you will experience amazing immersive worlds where you are at the heart of the action. Centre VR is located in Bournemouth town centre upstairs in the Richmond Gardens Leisure & Shopping Centre.

Before you play a member of the super friendly CentreVR team will provide all the training you need and will be on hand to help out throughout your session should you need it.

Experiences available:

'Your Choice' This 1 hour experience allows you to try out over 40 different games selecting from a virtual menu. There are games to suit all interests and you can choose to play the same game or different games alongside each other!

'Group Adventure' This 1 hour experience is the closest thing to being in a movie! Work as a team to complete the challenge. There are over 14 games to choose from and together you will be transported into a story, a scenario, a predicament, or a perilous situation it's up to your team to work together to achieve the goal.

'Tower Tag' Play 3 games of VR laser tag (around 30mins). The excitement builds as you play to claim towers and dodge bullets in a futuristic arena.

Buy Centre VR Tickets (up to 45% discount)

Tickets are for a group of up to 4 family or friends. Once you have booked you will receive a booking confirmation email containing voucher codes to be redeemed. These are not restricted and can be used for any available date/ time for the adventures booked. Please read full conditions when ordering.