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Dicky's in Southbourne: Restaurant Review

Dicky's in Southbourne: Restaurant Review

One restaurant that has been on our ‘must visit’ list for a while now is Dicky’s Bar & Brasserie in Southbourne. With a family get together planned we had the perfect chance to give the venue a try. We booked a table on a Sunday night in late February and the place had the encouraging busy hum of other diners on arrival. Dicky’s has a luscious décor with opulent furnishings mixed with more modern touches such as bare wooden tables. Lovely lighting levels and a mix of high and low seating creates a relaxed and trendy atmosphere.

After being shown to our table, menus were handed out with the slightly disappointing news that a number of menu items were sold out, including one of the starters and two of the main course options. We are usually reassured when a restaurant has a short menu as we would rather chefs do a few things very well, over offering a multitude of dishes done poorly. However with only six dishes in the Main Course section of the menu, two being out did limit our choices somewhat. 

For starters we picked the Chicken and Bacon Scotch Egg, the Crispy Squid and the Salmon Gravadlax. The Scotch Egg is served with a spicy tomato ketchup and a leafy garnish. The test of a top-notch hot Scotch Egg is the egg yolk still being runny - and Dicky’s nailed it. The spicy ketchup being a welcome tangy accompaniment. The Crispy Squid came out and Dicky’s did not skimp on the portion size - it could almost be a main. The squid came with a lovely chilli and lime dip and each piece had the perfect level of crunch on the crumb leading to a pleasantly firm squid texture. The third starter on the table was wonderfully coloured Beetroot Cure Salmon Gravadlax, each piece beautifully curled on the plate with an apple and fennel salad. Dicky's in Southbourne: Restaurant Review - Starters

Having looked at the menu before our visit, I was looking forward to trying the duck dish at Dicky’s, but this was one of the sold out dishes. Elsewhere on the menu is the Dicky’s Classics section with some further choices and I picked Dicky’s Dutch - their special burger. The towering burger comes with a 6oz beef patty, gouda cheese, crispy bacon, gherkin, relish and lettuce, all on a toasted bun. An excellent burger and served with skin on fries. The second main dish on the table was Pan Roasted Chicken Breast. This generously portioned dish delivered perfectly cooked chicken on a huge fondant potato. But the star of this show was the mushroom and madeira sauce, creamy and rich - not a drop was left on the plate. The third dish was the Toulouse Cassoulet - a great looking dish with a coiled Toulouse sausage sitting in a slow cooked cannellini bean stew featuring confit duck, bacon lardons served with a sourdough baguette. 

Dicky's in Southbourne: Restaurant Review Main Meal

The dessert selection was a touch uninspiring with the obligatory sticky toffee pudding, tarte au citron and other standards. Unfortunately for this review everyone picked the same dessert - the Crème Brulée. Luckily it was a good version with silky cold custard at the bottom with caramelised sugar ready to crack on the top. There is the nice touch of the dish being served with a tasty shortbread biscuit too.

Dicky’s has an excellent bar and wine list on offer. With our meal we enjoyed Goose IPA, Camden Hells and Camden Pale Ale with some still water at £3.50

Dicky's in Southbourne: Restaurant Review

We enjoyed the friendly service, well timed delivery and clearing and a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in attractive surroundings.

The bill for our meal with drinks, for a table of five, came to just under £200 before we added a tip - a good price for a three course meal.

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Dicky's Bar & Brasserie
54-56 Southbourne Grove

Our review was an unannounced visit and we paid for our meal.