Wednesday, 19 January 2022 11:17

Bournemouth Gains Purple Flag Status for 2021/2022

Bournemouth Gains Purple Flag Status for 2021/2022

Bournemouth has been awarded the prestigious Purple Flag accreditation for its evening and night-time economy for 2021/2022. The town first received the award in 2010.

The Purple Flag marks excellence in the evening and night-time economy.

Purple Flag is an international accreditation programme that aims to reward those who achieve this in their destinations after dark. Purple Flag strives to help create safe and thriving locations at night for all users.

For each of the three annual assessment periods, individual towns are shortlisted to receive one of five awards that represent the core agenda themes of Wellbeing, Movement, Appeal, Place and Policy Envelope.

The scheme, which is backed by the Home Office and Association of Chief Police Officers, provides research, training and development to helps towns and cities tackle issues such as anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Bobbie Dove, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Regulatory Services said: “For Bournemouth to be judged to be excellent/outstanding in three of the five keys areas assessed, including wellbeing, which encompasses safety for visitors and cleanliness of the areas assessed, is a real testament to the work done in the town. Supported by the Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Purple Flag is a true accolade for the town.

Bournemouth once again receiving this award reflects the continued efforts of local businesses, members of the community and everyone involved in making our evening and nightlife some of the most vibrant, diverse, and well-respected in the UK. It also highlights the continued steps taken by the council, law enforcement and businesses to ensure our evening and time economy is some of the most safe and secure for visitors to enjoy.

Working with local businesses and partners to improve security and overall safety throughout the town during the evening and night time hours is a critical aspect of our evening and night time economy support, ensuring that all visitors feel as welcome, safe and secure as possible enjoying their time in the town.”