Monday, 05 October 2020 11:43

Go Ape…after dark!

Go Ape…after dark!

This autumn, thrill seekers are being invited to run, leap and zip their way through a series of new night-time adventures, coming exclusively to Go Ape!

Those looking for an extra-ordinary, after-hours experience should look no further than the limited-edition Go Ape Sundown Sessions, where you can enjoy the high ropes of Go Ape beneath a sunset or starry sky.

Go Ape will offer spectacular nightfall editions of your favourite activities on select dates from September to November. They are:

Sundown Trees - Hone your stealthy skills on the Challenge course with a daringly dark twist! Eleven Go Ape sites will offer a special nightfall edition of the Treetop Challenge. With no sunlight to guide you, you'll head straight up to the highest loop of the course and make your way around the treetops. And, at the Alexandra Palace and Coventry sites, Plummet through the night as well!

Sundown Zips - Set against stunning backdrops of mountains and moorland, forests and valleys, you'll fly over trees and waterfalls for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that dials the thrill factor to the max. With seriously high-level tree-top crossings and incredible zip wire flights, this sundown adventure is sure to get your pulse racing!

Sundown Adventure - clamber up into the treetops and gaze at breath-taking nocturnal birds-eye views across forests, mountains and moors. Then, when you reach the zip wire, experience a spine-tingling thrill as you soar through the crisp autumn evening. Become a nimble creature of the night and strike a pose against a sunset or beneath a starry sky.

Sundown Segways - Put your steering skills to the test with a Segway adventure in the dark! After nightfall the fun-fuelled, two-wheeled tours offer fresh and spectacular views of the sites. With only minimal lighting and the sounds of the forest to guide you, this sense heightening experience adds a whole new level of thrill into the equation. Sundown Segways are exclusively available at the following sites only: Cannock Chase (Mids); Moors Valley (Dorest); Sherwood Forest (Notts); and Thetford (Norfolk).

Sundown Nets Adventure – great fun for all the family. the much-loved canopy high bouncy Nets are staying open later to allow Sundown bouncing before bed time for unforgettable memories. Sundown Nets is available at Black Park (Slough), Moors Valley (Dorset) and Sherwood Forest (Notts).

This family friendly experience (individual activity restrictions apply) is ideal for those looking to inject some serious adventure into the new season.

Swap your pjs for a harness; trade TV for watching the sun set against a stunning forest backdrop; or exchange dinner parties for swinging through the treetop parties, with an extraordinary evening at Go Ape.

Rob Medlicott, site manager at Go Ape Battersea, explains: “The new Sundown Sessions offer something completely different for people looking to switch up their Autumnal evenings with an unforgettable adventure that’ll stay with them long after the experience ends. If you’ve had a bad day, this is guaranteed to make you feel 50 feet tall! Go Ape is challenging at the best of times, and extra challenging in the dark, but when you complete it the feeling is immense.”

With only a limited number of sessions available, intrepid adventurers are being urged to book ahead and secure a space. Ticket and prices at

Go Ape! is at Moors Valley Country Park, a short drive from Bournemouth.