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30 photos from Arts Fest 'In Memoriam' and 'The Windbreak'

30 photos from Arts Fest 'In Memoriam' and 'The Windbreak'

On Sunday 27 September, and against a perfect blue sky, we visited two more of the installations as part of this Arts By The Sea Festival 2020.

On Sandbanks beach we found 'In Memoriam' by Luke Jerram. His beautiful, memorial installation offers a place for the public to visit to remember those we have lost in this crisis. Created from over 100 bedsheets a giant sea of flags symbolically reflecting the people who have passed. Arranged in the form of a medical logo, the installation also pays tribute to the brave NHS staff members and volunteers who continue to risk their lives to care for the thousands affected by the coronavirus. You can physically enter the structure to contemplate and explore the artwork, whilst adhering to the rules of social distancing.

Being able to walk around and through the installation is a wonderful experience and the noise of the flags moving with the wind stays with you.

By Boscombe Pier we discovered 'The Windbreak' by Cold War Steve. When we arrived the more controversial side had been covered up. The complete piece features a Bournemouth beach scene on one side, including notable good people, hopeful themes and a giant 'welcome' mat facing the sea, the piece also had a dark side featuring all your favourite villains in a dystopian nightmare complete with evil sand worms and Nazis. The dark side has now been covered for the duration of the Bournemouth leg of the tour because of its potential to cause offence.

Make up your own mind, the two sides of the windbreak are below:

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Arts By The Sea continues until the 4th October, find out more here: