Tuesday, 03 September 2019 08:33

Community and local care home launch Dorset’s first Alzheimer Café

Dorset’s first Alzheimer Café UK, created by volunteers from the local community and LuxuryCare Group, is set to open on the 17th September, 7 pm – 9 pm, at Birds Hill.

According to Dorset Council’s State of Dorset Health and Wellbeing report, by 2025 there will more than 10,000 people in the county aged 65+ living with Dementia. To help raise awareness of the illness as part of Alzheimer’s Awareness month, LuxuryCare Group has worked with volunteers from the local community to create Dorset’s First ‘Alzheimer’s Café’. Starting on the 17th September from 7pm – 9pm, ‘Alzheimer Café Poole’, will be part of Alzheimer Café UK, a charity which offers spaces for people with dementia and their families to gather for the purpose of education, discussions and socialising opportunities.

The café will be managed by trained Luxurycare Group professionals with assistance from volunteers who have undertaken Lightning DARC (Dementia Awareness Reaching Communities) and Alzheimer Café courses. Over the summer, The LuxuryCare Group hosted several courses for volunteers in the community who wished to support those living with Dementia and the Alzheimer Café. The courses were delivered by Dr Gemma Jones, an internationally known Dementia Care Educator, writer and speaker who has contributed to over 40 publications related to dementia. Dr Jones is also the founding and current chair of the Alzheimer Café UK.

Dr Gemma Jones said, “We’re thrilled with the number of people who joined us for training over the summer and have got involved in creating the county’s inaugural Alzheimer Café. The aim of these cafes across the UK, is to support people with dementia and their family or friend carers to stay connected, learn more about the support available and increase awareness of dementia in our communities.”

Alzheimer Café Poole will be open once a month from the 17th September at Birds Hill Nursing Home to people with dementia, their family, carers and friends as well as anyone interested in dementia professionally or personally. Guests at Alzheimer Café Poole will receive support, information and education about dementia plus the chance to meet others in similar circumstances.

Mandy Kittlety, Managing Director of LuxuryCare Group, said, “Dementia can affect anyone regardless of background, education or income and although lifestyle and genetics do play a part, there is currently no certain way to prevent it. We hope lots of people from across the local area will join us at Alzheimer Café Poole to talk about dementia. We want everyone to start to see the person who has dementia, not the person with dementia.”

For more information on LuxuryCare and their involvement with the Alzheimer’s Café, visit: www.luxurycare.co.uk

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