Wednesday, 17 April 2019 08:57

Yellow Buses' new Saturday service to Tower Park

Yellow Buses' new Saturday service to Tower Park

Yellow Buses is inviting passengers to hop on board its new Saturday service that takes passengers from Bournemouth to Tower Park in Poole.

The No. 19 arrives at the destination every 90 minutes between 10am and 10pm.

The single decker starts at the railway station, goes through the Lansdowne, on to the square and from there to Tower Park via Westbourne and Ringwood Road.

It allows more people to access Tower Park’s attractions, which include Splashdown, Lemur Landings, Nando’s, Cineworld, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express and Buzz Bingo.

The new route is part of the company’s summer changes that were introduced on 7 April 2019.

David Squire, managing director of Yellow Buses, said: “We wanted to serve Tower Park on a Saturday as we have had requests from passengers. Because we want to link up public transport networks we are starting it at the railway station and returning there. The service allows students to access Tower Park and it also links both Buzz Bingo venues in the conurbation. As well as the attractions such as Hollywood Bowl and the amusement arcade there are restaurants including Burger King, KFC, Day’s and TGI Fridays – as well as a huge Tesco. There are multiple stops on the service and we hope that ultimately it will lead to fewer cars on the road."