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Six highlights to watch out for at the Arts by the Sea Festival

Bournemouth's Arts by the Sea festival has announced its 2018 theme: New Frontiers.

The 2018 Arts by the Sea theme will highlight both local and global reflections for what may lie ahead. As the pipe dreams of science fiction begin to parallel modern realities, our visions of the future vary. Some argue that the Internet is now the ‘air we breathe’, and will continue to redefine human civilization as developing countries connect. Others predict the continued proliferation of the digital industries as new innovations, such as self-driving cars and even planes, approach on the horizon. In the longer term, breakthroughs in space travel, clean energy and medicine, and the conquering of illness and even death, seem not outside the eventual reach of humanity.

Festival-goers are invited to explore visions for the future through a diverse programme of art in Bournemouth’s most iconic locations. This theme also celebrates the evolution of its host town – a town with ambitions to become one of the UK’s leading digital economies by 2020.

The dates for your diary are 29th September – 6th October 2018

Six top highlights to look out for in the the 2018 festival are:

Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band
29/09/1814:20 - 14:50 Bandstand
A living embodiment of a lifestyle defined by vibrancy and colour

Herbert’s Dream, Compagnie de Quidams
29/09/1821:20 - 21:50 The Library

The Illumaphonium
29/09/1812:00 - 23:00 Lower Gardens
The very first of its kind, the Illumaphonium is a dynamic, interactive multi-sensory, music-producing installation from the creative mind of musician and inventor, Michael Davis.

Circus Folly: a Night Carnival
06/10/1819:00 - 19:45 Old Christchurch Road
Igniting an immersive rebellion of otherworldly animals, Circus runaways and curious creatures.

Poet Laureate
04/10/1820:00 - 20:30 Shelley Theatre
Described by the Metro as 'Performance poetry's key revivalist', Luke Wright is both an ingenious playwright and an enchanting performer.

Silicon Shores
30/09/1820:00 - 20:10 Town Hall
A highlight for this year's Arts by the Sea festival, the internationally acclaimed Colour Project is set to bring Bournemouth Town Hall to life like never before, with a colossal projection mapping show

Find out more: artsbythesea.co.uk


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