Friday, 01 June 2018 14:33

Join the Community Beach Monitoring by taking a pic for CoastSnap

Join the Community Beach Monitoring by taking a pic for CoastSnap

Get out your smartphones and take a pic! A new project is looking for anyone with a smartphone to join in and help monitor our beautiful coastline.

The CoastSnap frame can be found at Fisherman's Walk in Southbourne. You are actively invited to get involved in the data collection. Your images can be submitted via email or Facebook and over time the changes in the coastline can be highlighted and documented. Beach environments are under a variety of pressures such as climate change and rising sea levels. By using this simple approach it is hoped a vast amount of information can be gained which ultimately provides knowledge for coastal planners and managers.

How does it work?
Images are taken from the same spot using the camera frame. These images are then sent to CoastSnap through email or Facebook and over time a time-lapse video of how the coastline is evolving can be created. Detection techniques can also be applied which allow features to be tracked and monitored. The technique uses known points in the image as “reference” points to allow the image to be converted and projected in a bird’s eye view.

Why Bournemouth?
Bournemouth was chosen as the walkway gives a good view of the beach below. The setting is also perfect as the beach is likely to change over different temporal scales including daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal. Bournemouth has a long history of beach monitoring and it is hoped by using this simple approach a large amount of data can be collected, while engaging the local community with beach environments.  

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