Wednesday, 24 August 2016 12:03

YO! Sushi Dinner Review

YO! Sushi Dinner Review

YO! Sushi is now open in Bournemouth and brings it’s delicious conveyor belt of Japanese cuisine to Old Christchurch Road in the town centre.

We went for dinner during its first week to try out the new eatery and were lucky enough to get the last booth, by 7.30pm the place was full with a small queue.

If you’ve never been to a YO! Sushi before the concept is Japanese street food prepared in an open kitchen and served via a natty conveyor that snakes its way through the restaurant. Popular dishes are readily available on the conveyor and there is a more comprehensive menu of other dishes to order and have made individually. There is a button to call your waiter or waitress who also look after the drinks. Bowls on the conveyor are colour coded to indicate price and range from £2 to £6 for a dish. Stack up your bowls as you go and the total is billed at the end. Chopsticks, ginger, soy sauce and wasabi are provided on your table.

In total we had 13 dishes from the menu including Tofu katsu curry, Ebi fry curry, Chicken teriyaki, Tuna sashimi, Salmon sashimi, Tamago and Spicy pepper squid. A new item on the YO! menu is Okonomiyaki which was my personal favourite of the night, an authentic Japanese cabbage filled savoury pancake, topped with mayo, katsu sauce, spring onions and smoked bonito. It’s a more complex and flavoursome dish. There is a section on the menu that allows you to design your own Temaki handrolls. Pick the 3 fillings and it’s expertly made up for you. We went for Hoisin duck, avocado and sweet chilli mayo which just about works - try your own combination and let us know what you liked.

The dessert selection is small and traditionally Japanese, we simply had the strawberry cheesecake mochi which are sweet rice balls filled with strawberry cheesecake.

The dishes we had were all beautifully prepared, the sushi rice in the nigiri well formed, but the Okonomiyaki and Temaki hand roll made by request were the stars of the show.

Our 13 dishes came to £53.54 and were probably just a little too much food for two people but it’s hard to resist with such choice on offer. Don’t be fooled by the small size of the dishes, they are very filling.

We enjoyed a familiar Asahi beer and also a Hitachino Nest Saison beer, a new Japanese craft beer brewed with koji (also used in making sake) which had a more stronger and more interesting flavour profile. Still and fizzy water is available at your table via taps built into the table, priced at £1.20.

The staff were all friendly and it’s always wonderful to see chefs at work in the kitchen. There’s a genuine buzz of activity and fun atmosphere as people eye the dishes on the conveyor and newbies get to grips with chopsticks.

YO! have regular offers so it’s worth keeping an eye on their website. Currently the best is Blue Mondays. Every Monday choose from 36 dishes including 7 new dishes including Hoisin Duck Roll, Ramen Noodle Salad, Kimchi Ika and more, all at £2.80 each.

YO! Sushi is a very welcome addition to the Bournemouth town centre and provides a different and enjoyable eating experience, whether you don’t know your Otsumami from your Yakisoba or are connoisseurs of Japanese food, give it a try.