Thursday, 24 September 2015 00:00

Beauty in Imperfection - Exhibition

Exploring the notion that imperfection is beautiful, two artists, Sarah L Goy and Lisa Lewis interpret this concept from their own unique perspectives. The exhibition is on at the Top Floor Gallery, Lighthouse Poole from Tuesday 20th October - Saturday 7th November.

Sarah L Goy’s work is honest and genuine and she uses a wide mix of media and styles ranging from pencil to oils and anything in between and she is now moving into concept and installation pieces.

Lisa Lewis’ work is described as sensitive, spatial and emotionally charged. Mainly referencing her local environment, the river Stour and the Jurassic Coast, her paintings carry asymmetrical, intimate and sensitive aesthetics.

Sarah commented, "Working in conjunction with the Ugly Animal Preservation Society and Simon Watts (Biologist, Author and presenter on the BBC) my focus is on endangered species in nature, but not just the beautiful and obvious ones. I want to highlight (sometimes in a light hearted way) that there are many species that are considered ‘ugly’ and could vanish from the planet without ever being known. What is ‘ugly’ when a species is perfectly designed for their environment and survival, and why do we as humans always focus on the imperfections - in both ourselves and everything else around us?".

Lisa Lewis added, "This group of work grew from moments of imperfection noticed, but with a deliberate amplification or distillation of their aesthetics to generate more impactful connections with the audience."

Recently selected, out of several thousand for the prestigious National Open Art Competition exhibition at the Royal College of Art this October, Lisa Lewis’s new work is featured in the ‘Beauty in Perfection’ exhibition at the Lighthouse.

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