Pause Cat Cafe

The south's first cat cafe

A cat cafe with a difference… one that improves lives by promoting kindness through animal welfare, ethical eating, volunteering and community projects.

Pause Cat Cafe® is a peaceful retreat where you can connect and make friends (human and animal!), know that you are doing good, and be served excellent quality, healthy, kind food and drink.

There are many cat-lovers out there, some of whom may not even know that they are cat-lovers yet… Some people can’t have pets because of where they live, their lifestyle, or being away from home. Pause Cat Cafe® is a place for people to experience the healing serenity of being around cats, and all of the benefits they bring: enhancing your mood, relieving stress, increasing joy and happiness.

There are many people-loving cats out there, some of whom may not have found their loving ‘forever home’ yet. Some cats have been badly treated or are homeless because the owner they loved has passed away, we will offer homes to and promote rehoming of rescue cats. Pause Cat Cafe® is a place for cats to be well-cared for, loved and attended to, with all of their needs met. Lots of fun toys to climb on, people to show off to and comfy places to rest when it’s time for a cat-nap.

10am to 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday - book in advance


  • 119 Old Christchurch Rd
  • Bournemouth
  • Dorset
  • BH1 1HF