The Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival is now underway and we went along for lunch on Sunday 18th June. The Square was packed with stalls selling all manner of tasty food options and there was also a colourful plant and flower stand. Check out our photos below.

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Chaplin's and The Cellar Bar in Boscombe is an award winning venue and reminded us of a certain somewhere. On a recent trip to Budapest we discovered their love of Ruin Bars, particularly Szimpla Kert. With an eclectic mix of arts, music, food and drink, it's evocative and full of character based in an old building with lots of kooky corners in which to relax and all manner of quirky bric-a-brac strung up on the walls and ceiling. While soaking up the atmosphere and the local Unicum we thought it would be great if Bournemouth had something similar. Well no need to dust off the passport, we've got a venue in its ilk right here in Bournemouth. Chaplin's shares many of the qualities that make the crowds descend on Szimpla Kert.

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Families with a taste for adventure will be right at home at Poole’s first annual Seven Seas Festival coming up on the 19-21 May 2017.

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In one of the best make-overs we've seen in Bournemouth, The Stable is now open in the former Tourist Information Centre on Westover Road. The rather dated building has been given the full treatment and now looks fabulous in white render and the venue features many panoramic windows.

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Bournemouth is home to a new healthy eating offering in the form of the Skinny Kitchen.

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In The Triangle, at the top of Bournemouth's town centre, you'll find a funky new restaurant that's well worth a visit.

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On a chilly February lunchtime we were looking for somewhere to get lunch in town. Having walked past the Obscura cafe in the Square a million times we realised we had never actually tried them for anything other than a quick drink.

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The majority of Bournemouth’s seven miles of seaside is wonderfully unspoilt, with just the promenade and beach huts separating the sandy beach and the cliffs.

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A major new bar and restaurant opened in Bournemouth this week, just in time to help keep your energy levels up during the Christmas shopping. The Cosy Club has taken on the old River Island unit in the centre of Bournemouth and what a fantastic job they've done of renovating the building.

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With so many great restaurant options in Westbourne we really are spoilt for choice. A popular destination is Camden, a bar and kitchen on Seamoor Road.

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