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Lesbian and gay life in Bournemouth is centred around 'The Triangle', an area just 5 minutes walk from the town centre. Here you'll find the majority of the gay bars and clubs. Bournemouth is also home to the Saunabar, the largest gay mens leisure complex on the South coast.

The heart of the local gay community is the Easy Tiger store, here you can get advice and local information.

Many of the gay and gay friendly hotels are within walking distance of The Triangle but there are many more across Bournemouth too.

Bourne Free Pride FestivalBourne Free - Bournemouth's Pride Festival

One of the most important dates in the LGBT calendar is Bourne Free, Bournemouth's annual pride event.

Bourne Free attracts thousands of visitors and locals for the city centre parade, street party and other events.

Find out more about gay life in Bournemouth and what's coming up this month via the official Gay Bournemouth website.


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